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Doomguy model.

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A while ago, (a year ago, though sometimes I thought it was two) I read a thread on D3W where a kid was modeling the Doom guy from Doom1, this turned out fairly bad however and I decided to have my own go. At first it was looking really positive in the minds of my team members on Doom3 Phobos. But in the end we decided to let him go. As we didn't feel that he really worked out in the end.

But since I had put some considerable amount of time into this for the simple reason of him being in the game. I had a bit of a problem just letting him fall into obscurity on my hard-drive (or trashcan). So I decided that I'll polish up the rig and release him for anyone and all who would want to use him or just look at him, and learn from my mistakes.

I started to model him exactly as the MUG in Doom displays him, but pretty soon I had to call back from it. Because once in 3d, that face don't really look human. :p

In the end though, it was decided that he wasn't human enough. And I had been less than careful when I had made the hi-poly, so I wasn't about to fix it any further. Filed under less than awesome success of an experiment. ;)

What is left to do on him, is polish up the rig (I rigged him to Doom 3 head No.2) and the textures aren't really completed, but if anyone wish to use him, they'll have to fix them themselves.

I can't finish the rig now though, as I am leaving for the weekend. But I am gonna pimp him a bit for the win.

Doomguy image thing
Hope you enjoy, and if you don't. Well, that's OK too. :p

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Y'know, its not a bad effort at all. Damn, still must have taken some work.

Yeah he does look Russian. But thats not a bad thing. A couple of friends of mine are Russian, and if they are anything to go by, then doomguy could well be Russian. Tough, self reliant, deep without being deeply emotional, quiet, introspective, uncomplaining, smart. Sounds like doomguy to me.

Not that Russians are the only people to possess these characteristics.

Enough outta me.

Good work kristus.. :)

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