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XWE changes image type when quitting

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Hello all, I have a quick question.

I've imported some images into XWE for use as sprites for a new weapon. XWE automatically imports the image as an IMAGE file, and even when I change its type to SPRITE (33), after saving and quitting, it just changes the files back to IMAGE by itself.

What do I have to do to get it to accept it as a sprite?

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First, group all your sprites together in XWE, either by loading them all at once or cutting them and pasting them from wherever they are. Then, select whatever entry is above the first sprite and go to the "Entry" dropdown menu and select "New". Enter "SS_START" for this entry and it will be added. Then select the last sprite and do the same, except enter "SS_END" for the entry. Now all your sprites should between these two markers (if you got something that isn't a sprite between them, make sure to move them somewhere else.

For Doom, all images are just generic image files that it can't tell if they're meant for sprites, wall textures, flats, or something like an INTERPIC graphic. Most ports use marker entries like the above to determine what's what.

I hope I explained that well. Check back if I didn't. =/

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