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Texture palette issues?

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Hi guys, I'm trying to make new textures for use in a DooM WAD and everything goes smoothly EXCEPT that when I use the textures in-game the colors change. Why is it not like the monsters, where .png files stay the way they should?

I'm working with faded blue castle bricks for example, modified from DooM's green bricks, but in-game they appear grey! When I try to use them in .bmp however it's even worse b/c the textures doesn't show at all!

So what do I do to get them looking the way I intend?

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I'd say your palette either doesn't have the proper colors to create a decent colormap or your colormap wasn't adjusted to the palette.

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Yeah, .png files with colors other than those found in the Doom palette will still try to adapt to it's palette. The only exception is in GZDoom where the engine uses a high-color display mode, and in this case, the colors don't matter so you can have whatever you want. ZDoom still uses the Doom palette. (I assume you're using ZDoom because of the .pngs)

If you want pale blue colors in Doom, you'll have to design your textures carefully or change the default palette.

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