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Ok, I have some questions about zdoom scripting and features:

1) I saw a youtube movie of someone playing Scythe2 using Hexen weapons... so i wonder: is there a Hexen weapons mod for (z)doom?

2) Is there anywhere the decorate code for the original doom monsters?

3) I'd like to create the following effect (using zdoom scripts): you have a marine and a baron, each one with its own tag (1 and 2 respectively); the baron attacks and kills the marine. Then marine's body disappears and another marine (with the same tag) is spawned and all starts again.
I have not problems in making the baron against the marine, but the marine's dead body keeps the same tag of the living marine? Can i use "remove_thing(1)" ?

4) in a variation of the same scene, i'd like to respawn the dead marine, like an archvile is respawning it... how can i make this with zdoom scripts? Obviously the respawned marine should keep the same tag.

Can you please help me?

Thank you !

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2) The ZDoom wiki has most, if not all, the original Doom monster DECORATEs: http://zdoom.org/wiki/Main_Page Just type the original names for the monsters: Demon, Baron, Zombieman, etc...

4) In the DECORATE lump, you could make an actor: actor Deadmarine. When you place him on the map, you could make him dormant and when you need him, use Thing_Activate via ACS scripting. This will make the dead marine go to the See State. For the States, you could do something like this:

ACTOR Deadmarine 8790
PLAY H 0 A_Spawnitem("yourmarine")

Hope this helps out a bit. :)

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Thank you for the link, but i don't understand very well the decorate feature: shell i create a new thing, with the dead marine sprite, that when sees me awake and generate a marine?

Is there a simpler way to do this effect?

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