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CloakNT Technology Movie

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Well that looks pretty cool. So do the screenshots at the CloakNT Homepage. Although it probably has like 10 times less triangles than a typical Doom 3 scene, and (like Kreed) the art isn't as good as it could be.

Coolest thing seems to be the wavy water surfaces... Let's hope id can pull off something like it. Bumpmaps rock - especially the shiny bumpy statues. Sweet. The only thing that looks ass would be the hard-edged jaggy shadows.

Seems like Carmack's still leading the pack but a couple guys are catching up fast...

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Guys, you've got to admit, the characters look pretty cool!

I am not talking DOOM quality here, but they are on par with Unreal II (especially the close-up scene with the guard).

Other stuff worth noting:

As FlatHead already said, the wavy water surfaces look cool (even if it's one of the easiest things to do with the GeForce III).

The bumpmapped statues look really cool as do the scenes where bumpmapping is shown seperately (Zaldron - remember that image you sent me? same here, only in motion).

They shouldn't have included the hard-edges jaggy shadows in the movie as it ruined the impressions from the engine (DOOM has spoiled me I suppose).

Overall, quiet impressive, but not DOOM.

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Oh well if you have a GF3 is obvious that you can code something that looks like DooM 3. The engine's real power is the stability, the optimization (something we cannot really appreciate from movies), the modularity, the ease to modify and the degree of freedom it gives to the player and developers.

If no engine using pixel shaders so heavily matches the the polycounts on DooM 3, that means The Carmack's using some of his math superpowers and pure genius to find more effective and faster algorythms.

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Download finished.

Hmm. That's definitely impressive, but nothing compared to what I expect of DOOM3.

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