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ArticWolf Coop

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That's why I don't release it. Yet. (When it's done...)
I need permission to release it first.
But I can't get in contact with Laz Rojas.

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leileilol said:

Do you have explicit permission?

Not like Laz had explicit permission when he made Arctic wolf either.

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1. Laz is out of the Doom community. He hasn't updated his site in years and doesn't reply on e-mail, i've tried several times getting in contact with him but failed.

2. It wasn't like Laz got permission to rip all the sprites, graphics and sounds from the Wolfenstein games to begin with. If you are unable to get ahold of him, you should go ahead with your project anyways but give special credit to him (these sorts of things have been done thousands of times before anyways and nobody really cares).

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If you look on the thread linked on this thread earlier it will say that Laz did give permission to use his sprites.

(edit: the link disappeared? now I'm going to have to look for the thread)

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