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Hey guys I have a question about GZdoom:

In a custom WAD, is there any way whatsoever to force the player to WALK? I mean he only moves at THAT speed versus the 70 mph run u do, even if u try to put it on.

So you load the level pack and you go at that slower pace instead of run. Gameplay difficulty and types of enemies are tweaked (plus you get new weapons) so the feel of the game is DooM, but different.

Actually, the winding corridors of the slope-er-ific moon base kinda feels like descent... that's my goal really. With new monsters (some NOT on the bestiary) and 3 new weapons from the community weapons pack (the best ones imo, modified and all having a secondary fire) it's a new experience.

But this walk thing can make or break the feel, a vote would be nice I guess but I want to know if it CAN be done.

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there is a way to do. im just too lazy to tell you how. try the ZDoom wiki, but it involves setting the player property so that it moves slower

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To force him to walk you need a DECORATE lump in your WAD, and copy this in:

actor NewPlayer : DoomPlayer replaces DoomPlayer
  Player.ForwardMove 1 1
  Player.SideMove 1 1
And you might have to add this as well in a KEYCONF lump.
addplayerclass NewPlayer

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Looks simple! I already have my dec and keyinfo lumps due to the weapons and monsters. I'm guessing the first '1' is the player walk speed (standard from DooM) and the second '1' is the run speed (whose value is different from the original). Thanks guys! :D

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