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Chex Quest Demos

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I've made a couple of demos for Chex Quest Skill 4 (the original). I recorded these using fraggle's "chocolate-chex" chocolate doom, and they work correctly in the original dos Chex Quest (at least, the first did, and I assume the second does).

They're available at http://ler.belsambar.net/chex/ and I'll probably upload more. I keep dying on level 3 :(. I'm sure it has something to do with my route or probably I just need to dodge more.

FYI, the "pars" in chocolate-chex are incorrect: they're based on Doom's, while the original chex.exe has its own pars. I have a feeling this won't be fixed due to fraggle saying he's not going to have "native" support of Chex Quest.

Edit: Uploaded a Level 3 run. Not the best, I almost die at the end.

Edit 2: Now there's a Level 4 run. Don't know how I remembered how to get out of the maze.

Edit 3: There's a Level 5 run up, but I don't know the time and don't have a utility to get it. Level 5 is funny because you can skip pretty much the entire level.

Edit 4: Now I've got a movie at 4:50. I waste a good bit of time though. I think I might try Chex 2.

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