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[Vavoom] Rescale TITLEPIC

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I made a TITLEPIC 800x600 and 32 bit colors.

Someone knows how to make Vavoom to scale it correctly?
Actually, when launch Vavoom, i can only see the top left corner of the image...

Any tip? Thanks in advance.

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leileilol said:

You should provide your solution so googling this question won't be such a blank.

Sure man :-)

[cry]Thats a thing Vavoom still needs to implement.[/cry]

At now, Vavoom only supports 320x200 size TITLEPIC. The engine will escale that size image to the current game resolution. I think engine multiplies the original resolution to fill the user resolution.
If you use a larger image, for example 800x600, you will see only a part of it (usually the top left corner), cause the engine multiplies it, as a 320x200 size image.

There are two ways to show larger TITLEPIC images:

1.- Make use of wads that don't use progs modifications (i really dunno how to do this)

2.- Make a TITLEMAP, so the camera is looking at a linedef with a Titlepic image texture.

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