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Couple Questions About Doom 3 enemies...

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I recently watched the doom 3 video-demo thing and I've noticed several monsters, the one that looks like the marine except with no flesh on his whole head, and the other one that looks like a demon (?). I was wandering if anyone knows what either of these two things are.

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id Software hasn't really told us anything about this video. The talking guy is either yourself or one of your marine buddies. The zombie guy was less fortunate. And as for the monster - I don't think it's a Demon, because the monster in these shots seems to fit that description better.

We've all had a few guesses but I'd say it's an Imp of some sort.

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Well, I've long been convinced that the human marine is "you".

Reasons for that assumption:
1. On the time this video was released it was official that there would be no NPC's in "Doom 3" (it has later been announced that there WILL be NPC's) - No NPC's = only one human - you.
2. The marine looks a lot like the portrait in the original Doom - same hair/eyebrow colour (grayish light brown), same features, both the old Doomguy and this marine look quite a bit like Bruce Willies.

It's my guess that the "skullface-marine" is a "former" human, who has rotted to that state, slowly being turned into a "real" zombie (like the one that rises to its feet in the same video).

The Brown critter has a lot of features in common with the Imp - true, the old imp never had horns and it had big, white spikes protruding from its hide - but this creature fits the description of the imp in the manual which says something about a brown, thorny, humanoid thing that throws fireballs. This creature IS both brown and thorny, its thorso shape is similar to that of the old imp and the eyes kinda reminds me of the eyes that the old imp had, despite the yellow colour.

IF the brown thing is really an imp, then it's my guess that id gave it horns, because the old imp didn't look much like a demon-creature, while this "thing" looks a lot like a demon from hell (and I daresay that it looks more like what I think of, when I hear the word "Imp").

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