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Suggestion for how XWE saves files.

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I'm an active user of XWE, and there's one major part that tends to tick me off.

It's how it saves file, if the WAD file is in use by accident, and you make a change the WAD file usually ends up heavily corrupt. Or at least it does for me a lot.

My suggestion is that you remove the auto-save, and implement save / save as (or both).

I just think it'd be so much easier, and more easier in terms of lost work from corruption, and possibly making a bunch of changes, realizing it doesn't work, and then trying to change it all back.

I'm an active programmer, so I can offer one way of how to accomplish save as / save without an as heavy rewrite. My idea was create a temporary file in the users temporary directory, and save changes to there when changes are made. When the user selects to save / save as, copy that temporary file over the one the user selects.

There are other ways to accomplish this, I just thought I'd give my 2 cents programming wise.

Anyways, I think implementing save / save as would be great.

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I'd like XWE to have this, but the problem is that the author of XWE has misteriously disappeared from the face of the earth, and he hasn't released the source code...

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