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LowTech Weapons wad problem

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I really like this weapons mod. Unfortunately both the flamethrower's and imps' fireballs not only fail to appear when spawned, but also tend to damage their users. So I can't use the flamethrower, and the most common enemy in the game constantly kills itself. The comments on the idgames database give me the impression that most other users don't have this problem.

I'm using the latest version of Zdoom. Does anyone have an idea what the problem could be?

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Dig out an older version of ZDoom. I had the same problems with 2.2.0 - it was funny watching the imps commit suicide - but things were fine with 2.0.63a.
If you don't have a copy - grab one from here.

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Sorry for bumping this old thread. But it exemplifies an attitude I really don't like and has often caused problems.

If somebody reports a problem with a certain WAD please never recommend switching to an old version of the source port in question. This is going to help nobody because the problem does not go away.

If something does not work with the latest version that did work previously, it is normally unlikely that the change in behavior was intentional. Often this is the sign of a bug that needs to be analyzed and fixed - as was the case here.

I only became aware of this problem today because this thread was referred to in another discussion.

As a result this bug that could have been fixed almost 10 months ago when it was discovered went unnoticed by the developers - because nobody bothered to report it in the proper place.

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