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lol jk.

Instead of a really intense, hardcore over-detailed mapset that would put most mappers to shame, here's something I've been working on for a little while. It all started when I started playing Wills' wads such as IOGW and The Archives Are Doomed - and subsequently, ripping Midis out of them and doing some tiny tomfoolery WADs of my own. My humor is dry and bland any way you cut it, but here's the fruits of a collective 12 hours of work spread over about 2 months.

I give you all a one-episode demo of the most awesome mapset ever, DABBLE.

Also, for the record, it works best in the GL renderer of GZDoom for the most part, but any ZDoom works.

Any suggestions or "feature" requests? I do cameos and stuff like that, because God knows I don't have enough material to pump out 3 episodes of 12 jokemaps each.

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Some of the dialogue went by too fast to read. A couple of the sound replacements were kinda cool... the Doomguy taking damage and doors opening.

Otherwise I don't know what to say.



The toilet looked pretty realistic. :o

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I'm pretty sure this wad causes all known forms of cancer, and even some unknown forms, too.

The only map that was honestly good was the last one, what with its nifty MS Paint textures. :p

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