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Resource WAD help

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Lately Ive been looking up wads to play and I found a resource wad with new bosses but it doesn't work with zdoom and all other ports are too bloody complicated for me and I was wondering if any1 could tell me how to get it to work?

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More information please - what's the wad called and where do we find it if it's not in the archive.

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Downloading as I type - don't like download sites that make free users jump through hoops.
Will let you know what I find if someone else doesn't beat me to it.

EDIT - The problem is it's a resource wad - aimed more at mappers than players. The creatures should work fine in ZDoom as replacements for the standard bosses and sub-bosses, but that means editing the Decorate script - which is probably not what you had in mind.

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BarakaJack - some more info on the bosses in that wad, if your still watching this thread.

Annihilator - from Realm667 Bestiary
ArchonOfHell - from Realm667 Bestiary
Avatar - from Realm667 Bestiary
BigInfernalSpider or SmallInfernalSpider - from Realm667 Bestiary
DarknessRift - from Realm667 Bestiary
Demolisher - from Realm667 Bestiary
BruiserDemon - from Realm667 Bestiary
Hectebus - from Realm667 Bestiary
Hellsmith1 (Hellsmith) - from Realm667 Bestiary
HS (Hades Sphere) - from Realm667 Bestiary
Incarnate (Death Incarnate) - from Realm667 Bestiary
Incubus or GreaterIncubus - from Realm667 Bestiary
PyroDemon - from Realm667 Bestiary
Queen - from Realm667 Bestiary
Thamuz - from Realm667 Bestiary
Thor - from Realm667 Bestiary

AdolfHitler - from Wolf3D
Aldhivas - recoloured player sprite
Alien1 - Predator alien
Alien2 - Aliens alien
Amachotron - modified Arachnotron
Apparation1 - floating ghostly figure
Baphomet - from Map30 - now it has a body
Baatezu - recoloured Mancubus
BFGCyber - small recoloured Cyberdemon
BronzeSpidermind - recoloured Spider Mastermind
ChaingunnerTank - Scorpion Tank
DarkCyberdemon - recoloured Cyberdemon
DeathKnight - almost black - Undead Warrior from Heretic
EvilDoomguy - based on player sprite
EvilDragon - Death Wyvern fom Hexen
FleshWizard or XWizard - same colour as Archviles - tend to disappear
Galarrior - modified golem?
GGrosse - too big - based on Hans Grosse from Wolf3D
GiantMonster1 - Overlord from Duke3D
GiantMonster2 - Cycloid Emperor from Duke3D
HammerHound - has jackhammers on it's arms
HellDuke - recoloured Baron of Hell with sunglasses
HellEarl - ditto
HellLord - recoloured Baron of Hell
HellMarquis - Baron of Hell
HellsBattery - carries more guns than Doomguy
HellSquire - Hell Knight
InsanitySpider - recoloured Spider Mastermind
LordVileFlyer - Avatar/Archvile hybrid
LordVileType1 - Avatar/Archvile hybrid
Malevonant - recoloured Revenant
MegaVixen - giant Vixen - way too tall
minispider - looks fairly realistic
NewArchvile - same sprites as Vixen/MegaVixen
NewBossBrain - looks like a beating heart - harmless
StoneGolem - way too tall
SuperCyber - Cyberdemon
UberZombie - more realistic looking zombie trooper
VileProgrammer - Archvile on a flying disk
Vixen - smaller version of MegaVixen

Not all of these would be considered bosses. A few, like AdolfHitler look to have been included for a giggle. If you want to see what they look like without editing them into a map, use the summon or summonfriend console command (for example - summonfriend uberzombie). I'd recommend the notarget command before summoning hostile bosses. :)

If you like I could put some into a map for you.

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