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Yeah, but it's a texture, not a flat. You can't use a texture as a flat or vice versa. PRBoom isn't ZDoom, you know. :p

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I've combed through the map several times though and can't find anywhere where anything should be wrong. I even went through and changed all the textures from shawn2 to shawn3 and I still get the error.

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If you're using Doom Builder, hit F3 to bring up the find dialog box.

Next to "search type", use the drop down box and select "Sector flat".

Then go down to the box next to "Find what" and type SHAWN2 and do a search for it. You'll find it.

And next time, when making a Boom map, use the Boom config, not ZDoom (Doom in Doom format). That will prevent you from accidentally doing this.

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