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playing hexen online

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hello everyone, thanks for taking the time to read my post.

i've tried looking on doomworld and all over the net to find a way to play hexen online, but i haven't been able to find anything. to be honest, i should probably say that i found something, but i dont hae enough computer literacy to understand what i'm seeing. i've tried finding stuff about hexen online looking through doomworld forum archives. i did find something about it, but it was a post with 3 links which didn't help me much. would anyone help me (practically hold my hand through the whole thing) get hexen online?

i have xp home edition and i bought the game of id's webpage.

thanks in advance for your time!

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Currently the best source port for playing Hexen is Skulltag. It comes packaged with IDE (Internet Doom Explorer) although you can get a separate version that also supports other online ports.

You won't find many Hexen servers, and they're slow to fill if you join one. Best to make friends on IRC and plan a game.

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ok so i dl'ed skulltag and made a server, but i couldn't find it when i tried searching for it. i'm connected to a router at the moment and i believe that's giving me problems. i suspect i have to open the right ports and such, but im not sure. would you have any idea why my server isn't showing up? thanks so much for your time

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To play on your own server either set up a custom server in IDESE by following these instructions:

1. Start IDESE.
2. Go to Options Tab.
3. Choose Custom Servers.
4. Click Add.
5. In the pop-up window click "Local host".
6. The default port for a server is 10666. And as such the program automatically set this up. But you have to have that opened up on the router first too. Anyway, if you're using a different port, change it accordingly.
7. Press OK.
8. Goview servers, and you will see a new server in the list (easily recognizable by the different icon). This server won't have a flag icon, it'll have an icon depicting two computers. Click this server and join the game.

Optionally, you can do this:
1. Start Skulltag with Hexen.
2. Go to consol.
3. Type in: Connect localhost

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