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testing parameters

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hey i know i'm super noob might be a dumb question but i couldn't find it in he forum already. i can't test any map, and i think it's the testing parameters, i don't quite get what they mean. i just want to test the wad im working on. there are no errors, and i have the right engine in my preferences...

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There is a glossary underneath the parameter box that tells you what to input into the box and what they mean.

For most instances, this:

-iwad %W -file "%F" "%A" -warp %M
will cut it.

Just copy and paste that into the parameter box, and you should be good to go.

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hi again

the parameters you gave didn't work either, they sort of took it straight to the menu. perhaps i'm a little slow on the uptake but a description of what the parts mean would be great,

i understand he %W etc. but what should go before it? e.g.

-iwad %W -file "%F" "%A" -warp %M

does iwad stand for yor file name? what is warp?


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Instead of -warp, try -map or +map.
Or just read the documentation that comes with the sourceport.

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