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Doom Connector

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Hi, I think Doom Connector is a very good client program for Doomers, so maybe some of you want to join in. Here is the link to Doom Connector again: http://pchost.dyndns.org/DC3Setup.exe.

EDIT: or if you don't want to download it from a personal computer then please use this link (thx@Zap610):http://home.comcast.net/~mrrocket/dcsite_finals/doomconnector.htm

You also can use this save link (thx@GreyGhost):MediaFire.

We need all of you. More people, more fun :-P !
Doom Connector has been online since may 23rd, so it looks promising. Here is a picture of it: DC3

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Erm, yeah. Not too convincing IMO, especially since you pulled that pic from the Doom Wiki. Care to try again?

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Try providing a link that isn't to somebody's PC. Downloading from personal computers is extremely risky, no matter what the source is.

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Downloading from anywhare can be risky without a decent firewall and up-to-date virus/malware checker. None of the 36 scanners at VirSCAN found anything suspicious so I've uploaded a zipped copy to MediaFire.

VirSCAN.org Scanned Report :
Scanned time : 2008/08/13 17:43:06 (EST)
Scanner results: All Scanners reported not find malware!
File Name : DC3Setup.exe
File Size : 2777822 byte
File Type : PE32 executable for MS Windows (GUI) Intel 80386 32-bit
MD5 : 7e0aa7ba679913c047ac1f3a3cb0ba46
SHA1 : 0a8d8ee768c18e51177bbeb74fe72757711ebef5
Online report : http://virscan.org/report/d414c06735f49555be2f71990edd10c9.html

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