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another question [linedefs/triggers]

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okay, so on the northeastern part of my map...

sector 26 opens up into a new room with stairs leading up to a slightly raised floor. the door opens at the flip of a switch (functions correctly).

however, when the player moves from sector 26 into this new room, when he passes over line 284 that should trigger sector 63 to raise however it does not. on the other side of this door when the player crosses line 318 or 316 sector 69 is supposed to raise and block the players retreat.

i cant test the second door because the first one doesnt work.

could someone please take a look?


is where u can get the file

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You made linedef 284 a S1-112 trigger. The player cannot activate S1 lines by walking over them. You meant to use a W1-109 trigger instead. As for linedefs 318 and 316, one has sector tag 9 and the other has sector tag 0, but the door you want to close has sector tag 10. Change the tags accordingly and it will work fine (that is to say, set the sector tag of linedefs 318 and 316 to 10).

Looks like you just made some careless errors. Your mapping is perfectly sound here. As you map more and more, it will become easier to spot stuff like this.

Keep it up. I'm liking a lot of the gameplay in this map. I can see potential in you. Once you get the hang of mapping, I expect some cool stuff from you! =D

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sweet, that fixed both problems.

i just played through what ive made and i think i need to add just a little bit more health. that final room destroyed me in about 5 seconds.

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