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Side projects of mine

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I got a couple of single level wad's I've been working on when I get a block on the wolf wad.
-Lucifer's Immortal Eye
-The Stygian Bastille
-UAC Power plant #13
I know I'm gonna be told "You should have some pictures to show us some proof that theres actually something there besides talking about some uber cool wad that no one has seen"
I will get you the pics sometime monday.I would do it tomorrow but the home comp has dial up and it takes forever to load the pics up.

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No...like I said they're single level wads.
I'm sorry that the wolf tc has taken so long...I just got my Open GL working again after my computer crashed.I have the levels finished and now I'm going back and fixing textures,Sector lighting,and a few Sprite issues I've encountered after testing it yesterday.

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Heya Haloless. I am looking forward to seeing screenies. Hope your PC gets fixed soon.

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