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Classic Weapons Mods

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I'm looking for classic Weapons mods that use good ol' Dehacked. Does anyone know of any? Which ones are good for monster horde maps and which ones make the game more difficult?

The ones I know of mostly are the Armas series, but I don't know which ones are good and which ones aren't. I also thought some of Xaser's old DEH weapons mods would work but they don't.

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Wow that mod breaks EE to pieces

EDIT: wait I was supposed to use INSANED2.DEH instead

EDIT2: Wow it completely locks up on Chocolate-Doom. Whoops. Something is wrong here...

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That reminds me of the time I accidently loaded up the dehacked file for Hacx while playing Eternal Doom. That was pretty weird.

Xaser's older mods don't work with newer versions of ZDoom because most of them used hacks or tricks specific to ZDoom .63a. I had actually considered converting one of his older mods to decorate but I lost interest. Might have to dig it back up, though.

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The weapons mod that leilei linked to will work in Chocolate-doom when the next version is released. until then, beg someone to make an SVN copy for you.

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