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doombuilder/play question (saving issues)

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hey again guys.

my map is coming again pretty well but ive hit an odd problem.

in 3d mode i see the correct floor height in the newest sector ive built but when i load it up in zdoom it shows the old floor height. texture changed and ceiling changed are correctly loaded though.

ive closed DB and opened it again and ive also closed zdoom and opened it again to no result.

as usual, here is a link to my new build. (no compressed files this time, just the .wad file)


the sector in question is sector 133 (the eastern portion of the cross that is a separate area in the southeastern part of the overall map).

the reason im doing floor changes on that sector is because when passing linedef 610 sector 139 (and the sectors beside it) become a rising staircase, but the last step raises too far so im raising the floor of the sector it raises into.

however, as stated above, those floor height changes are not properly reflected when i load the map in zdoom.

thanks for the help guys.


also linedef 564 (far east room, not quite the last one) shows the correct "face" texture when viewed in 3d edit mode of DB but when the map is played it looks like a HOM instead.

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The simplest solution is to simply remove the uppermost stair. That way, you only have one stair nestled "inside" sector 133 and the staircase works fine once you do that. I think the problem was that the two top stairs were both trying to "be" the upper stair because they were both bordering directly on sector 133, whereas none of the other stairs were.

If that makes sense.

Also there were a bunch of the wall pillars on the far western room that were all over the place and a few other things.

To save me explaining everything here, I just made some changes and emailed your map back to you via ur profile. Hope that helps.

The map actually plays reasonably well, has definite potential. Keep up the good work. You are getting there. :)

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