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Forgotten Average PWAD [I'm Honest]

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Ever since I first played the Doom shareware when I was 3 I always dreamed of making maps for games like this.

well about 12 years later I obtained some sort of learning in the doombuilder program. So I jumped for joy planning on making a 32 map PWAD for Doom II called "scarred".

Well I made 4 maps and completely lost myself on the 5th map. it was so glitched I just did not know what to do or how to fix it.

Well it is better to know what people thought of my maps then forever wondering,So here it is my forver unfinished 4 map pack "Scarred"

works with classic Deathmatch, co-op and of course single-player

also a folder contains the glitched map that made me give up on Doom map making.

Thank you if you download

Doom II PWAD: Scarred [43.99 KB]

Level names:
Map01: Reentry
Map02: The Study
Map03: Now Its Nothing
Map04: Mountains
Map05: Mountain Base*


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well, in all not half-bad levels, the second level with the fake walls pissed me off though. These levels are by no means good, but I've seen worse. I'd encourage you to keep mapping because this isnt a bad start at all.

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Played a few maps in your wad. Just a few tips. First off I can tell that you improved quite a bit between your maps. I noticed in the first map that you had loads of misaligned textures due to the wrong room heights.

-Lower Unpegged textures on door tracks so the doors don't look weird when they come up.

-In the first map it was waaay too easy to get that key, you should have put it somewhere harder.

-Second map the red key on the pedestal was obtainable by just walking aside the wall it was on.

-Try not to put the big boss on the first level.

-Powerful guns were a little bit too easy to get.

Good Points

-Chaingunners were placed well

-Later maps texture alignment improved

-Pretty good use of archvile.

I'll put more stuff down soon.

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Thank you both for the advice

But I have a question
how do you fix the fake walls? [like the one in the second level]

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kristus said:

I'm impressed! I don't remember shit from when I was three.

I only wish that we had PC games as cool as Doom when I was three.

P.S. SoulSweat. The difference between a good mapper and an average mapper comes down to a lot of things. But the biggest determining factor, IMO is simply how many maps that are completed, getting better with each one. Look at some of the best mappers on this forum. There would be few of them whose first map set the Doom community on fire. (Tho perhaps someone did, I don't know) But I do know that all good mappers make maps. Thats how they become good.

So keep going, coz this is not a bad start.

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Damn, is Megaupload annoying and obnoxious:

-Download Speed Priority: LOWEST
-Downloads per 24 hours: VERY LIMITED
-Download wait time: 45 SECONDS
-Advertising: MAXIMUM

At least they could be a little more tactful trying to get you to pay them.

Back to the topic at hand. Soulsweat, please don't give up on mapping. It makes me sad when up and coming mappers quit the trade after they hit that brick wall for the first time. :( Kyka hit the nail on the head... you just need to crank out a bunch of maps, as each one you create will improve you skills, perhaps unnoticably at first, but very steadily and definintely. By the time you give your best attempt at a fair number of maps, I guaruntee your skills will have improved substaintially.

I encourage you to keep working on this megaWAD. Though it may not be the greatest thing you'll create, it'll go a long way in enhancing your skills. After you finally do everything you want to do with it, perhaps take a break to play some maps by other authors to get some inspiration, and when you get it, you'll be amazed at how well you're mapping at that point.

Stick with it. I have faith in you. I found some of the ideas in what you have already to be pretty interesting. :)

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kaiser_wilhelm said:

I fixed a level of your wad a little bit for you. Do you want to see?


I made a new map
and it does have more content and looks better overall
so I will continue making maps

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