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Z-Hunter For Doom 3 Released

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I noticed over at ModDB that the Doom 3 top down view zombie shooter Z-Hunter has had its first release. So what is Z-Hunter really? Well, straight from the horse's mouth:

Z-hunter includes 8 maps, 2 unique weapons, unique player animations, over 20 enemies custom designed for this style off play. Combining gfx power with old school top down gameplay.

So, what are you waiting for? Go download it.

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First. About a month and half late reporting this are we? I've already played this and beaten it a couple of times about a a month ago. A great way to kill some time.

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ooohhh.... Snap.

I might go check this game out myself. Never heard of it, but sounds interesting.

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Yay! Doom 3 Mod news. I'm downloading it right now (hope it works on my system). Thx for this information!

Oh, it's in 3rd person mode. I like the first person more, but well: the level pack is quite good, because of the visuals and the gameplay. Hopefully, there will be more good level packs in the future for Doom 3, yay!

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