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Executing script only if player has a key.

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I want to make a swich that lowers the lift with sector tag 2 only when player has a red skullkey. I don't know how to do it. Your help is appreciated.

EDIT:Okay, i made it by myself. Please lock this thread.

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shinobi.cl said:

Then, post your solution :) It can help others. After all this thread will be queried by search engines sometime.

Okay, so there's the code:

script 1 (void)
        if (CheckInventory("Some_Key"))
            Place a action there.
            print(s:"You need Some Key to use this thing.");
Instead of Some_Key you must type in:
RedSkull - Red Skull
BlueSkull - Blue Skull
YellowSkull - Yellow Skull
RedCard - Red Keycard
BlueCard - Blue Keycard
YellowCard - Yellow Keycard

I hope this post helps somebody.

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