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Teleporting help.

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Im making a map for chex quest and i want to make it where when you pick a certian item up enemies telport all around you. How do you do that??? Thanks :)

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Doom E1M6 does this when picking up the red key, you can probably see how it does it there. The level is preserved in Chex Quest (you just can't normally get to it)...

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Clusterone said:


MikeRS said:

Doom E1M6 does this when picking up the red key

No it doesn't. In E1M6 doors open. There's no teleporting. The method is used in E1M9 though, in the room with the red star on the floor where you get the rocket launcher.

The method is fairly simple (and has been described many times on these forums). Make a room somewhere nearby that the player can't go to. Connect this room to the area where the player can go to with a small, unnoticable, sector. This lets any sounds that the player makes travel to the hidden room. In the hidden room, add a teleport line (and corresponding teleport spots and sector tags where you want the monsters to port to) and a door or sector that prevents monsters getting to the teleport. Place some non-deaf monsters in the room. Around the key, make some lines that will open the door.

It works like this:

The player wanders around shooting stuff.
The sound travels through the small connecting sector and wakes up the monsters hidden in the extra room.
The monsters wander around trying to get to the player, but they can't get out because there is no way through.
The player picks up the key, crossing the lines around it.
The lines open the door inside the hidden area.
The monsters can now wander across the teleport line and so start teleporting into the play section to wherever you have placed your teleport landings.

Job done.

There are variations on this and the exact circumstances will vary too (including the possibility of scripting with Zdoom) but that's the basic principle.

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Given that it's part of one of the maps that were part of the first shareware release back in '93, I'd say it's been known about for a very long time.

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