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Ok new Teleporting problem

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Ok i found out how to get enemies to teleport around you. But i have a new problem now
I made a couple other teleporters but they all spawn to the same place. How do i fix this. Or one of them spawns where i want it then the next time i go into it its in the room i was just in. Do i need to put tags on the teleporter??? if so how do i???

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If you are editing for the original Doom format:

Give your teleport line a sector tag.

Give the sector where you want the teleport to take you to the same tag number.

Place a teleport landing thing in that sector at the spot where you want the teleporting actor to appear.

For different landings, place them in different sectors with different tags corresponding to different teleport lines.

ie each teleport should be a combination of a line with a tag, a sector with the same tag and a teleport landing in the sector.

For the ZdoomHexen format, on the off chance that you are using it, you do not have to tag a sector. You give the teleport landing a tid corresponding with the tag you gave the line. You can set up different lines corresponding to different tids, or you can give them all the same tid and Zdoom will pick one at random every time a teleport is activated.

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Ohhh ok thanks :)
That makes sense lol. Im using ultimate doom format i would use zdoom format but it doesnt work right. It locks up a lot in Zdoom format so i stick to ultimate doom.

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