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Unconnected Lines (new mapper here)

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Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to making wads (haven't completed or released any decent map yet), and I have some issues with unconnected linedefs. In Doom Builder, the linedefs look connected (if you drag them around they move together), but when you load up the map it says they are unconnected. Also, if you look carefully at them when you play the map, there will be a vertical line of HOM in the vertex that 2 lines meet. The specific linedefs that I'm having trouble with are between the 4th and 5th, 8th and 9th, 12th and 13th etc rooms with sergeants (counting from the left) in the very north of the map.

Here is the WAD in question:
(please load it up in Skulltag in Hexen format, as that is what I saved it as)

I am not finished with the map, but either way, any other criticisms are appreciated as well. Thank you for your time.

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When drawing a line that's just one map unit away from another parallel line, Doom Builder will frequently (usually? always?) put the new sidedefs on the wrong sides of the new line. This is a Doom Builder error that you couldn't have been expected to know about, so relax - it's not your fault. To fix this, you could either tediously move sidedefs to their correct locations and change their sector references, or you could just delete all those sectors and draw them again. I would just draw the new sectors further apart from each other, but if you want those lines to only have 1-unit gaps in between them, then I would recommend that you draw the lines further apart and then move them close together. This seems to work.

Edit: There's also unclosed sectors in a staircase that you need to fix. Use Tools -> find map errors to spot them all.

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-Good POints

This could be a great concept if you had some interested buildings in the mix. I like the shutters idea.

I liked that you didn't fill the maps with cyber demons or archviles or anything like that.

-Bad Points

Are the secret areas going to be essential for the map? if they are you must change them because people don't like it when they have to figure out secrets just to progress.

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Meh, more criticisms than those could be made about the map itself, but I'm willing to just let Spleen do whatever he pleases for a while.

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Thanks for the information guys; the "map errors" dialog is really useful. I made a few changes to the map until the errors were gone, now I will try and continue to improve it gameplay-wise.

Is there some way to "force" a sector to be formed from given a set of linedefs? I've often had a situation where I connect some linedefs to try and form a sector, only find out that Doom Builder decides it wants to make a sector different from what I want, or it decides to not make a sector at all! And not just when there are 2 parallel lines close together: those few problematic sectors near the staircase ended up different from what I intended as well, as well as other times. Or do I just have to keep deleting and remaking sectors until Doom Builder likes them?

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Spleen said:

Or do I just have to keep deleting and remaking sectors until Doom Builder likes them?

Hopefully not for long. As you edit, you'll learn what Doom Builder likes and what it doesn't, and if you try to figure it out you should also be able to learn how to fix sectors without remaking them.

Doom Builder 2, when it's done, should also have most of these problems ironed out anyway.

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