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Is there a website that lets you download prefabs??? I have a really hard time making chairs and all that and i was wondering where i could get them. Preferrably for doom 2 or doom 1 but any game is fine.
Thank you. :)

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I presume you've already checked here? http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?dir=prefabs/

I'm not sure if there's a chair in there, though, and I'm not sure a prefab is what you want for that. You can't really make that great of a chair in a typical Doom engine, you can make a big blocky throne like the ones in Heretic, more or less, though custom textures could make it a bit fancier I suppose. If you're using a port that allows 3D sectors you could use those, but I think that every port that does that does models too, which are probably a better choice.

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