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Doom Enhanced Update Test (Skulltag!)

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So I got bored today, and decided to do some more work on Doom Enhanced. Since you guys liked it, I'm putting it here.


The main change in this version is the start of Skulltag support (doomenh-st.wad, loaded after the other two wads). Currently it's just weapons, slight changes to the player code to fit ST and a change in how gibs are spawned to avoid lagging the server too much, as I don't really have much in the way of Skulltag DECORATE code to work off.

However, I don't really play Doom deathmatch that much, so there's probably some kind of massive bug that only manifests during online play. If you spot anything, please be sure to tell me. Thanks!

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GIBBER is declared in doomenh.wad. Are you sure it is loaded before doomenh-st.wad?

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You also need to load doomenh.wad.

Use ZDL or a batch file or something to load the files in the order doomenh.wad, doomenh-items.wad, doomenh-st.wad

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Or put these files in a zip, and load that zip. It should work.

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