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Pr-Boom Filtering

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Pr-Boom plus seems to have an "Unreal Engine"-like linear filtering system for textures, walls, patches, and flats. However, it seems to be a combination of "Unreal" and the algorithm used in the 90s for SGI GPUs.

For the sake of (what I gather) less CPU load, Pr-boom's filter seems to not implement a true linear filter (obvious, I know). Instead, it linearly interpolates an odd number (maybe 3) of near pixels to produce the results, adding a bit triangulation bias in the process--- which is not noticeable unless you're against a wall with a texture that doesn't filter well with the effect, or are just picky and are looking for it.

If I'm wrong, How does pr-boom plus's texture filtering work? and why does flat filtering suffer when using the "quality" render mode? (maybe that's a bug.)

I just think the effect is cool, and thought it could be useful for gradient effects-- But I haven't seen it used yet. perhaps it is too ugly. :P

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I thought of doing that, but I considered I might not be the only one that wanted to know. Plus the possibility someone else might know as well- I wasn't sure if Entryway coded that or not.

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