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The Lag

favorite map 07?

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i tried searching for this in several places, couldn't find it, and figured here would be the best place to post this thread.
what is your favorite map 07 out of any doom wad (iwad/pwad)?
i am looking for inspiration and ideas since map 07 is one of the few i have left to start on in my project and i'm trying to do something different than the usual dead simple since the map-exclusive triggers have a lot of potential.

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Recently played my way through CC3 and I thought that the map 07 there was pretty good, though you don't see the map exclusive triggers 'til later in the level. Definitely worth a look though.

I recently did a remake of map 07 myself, which came out really well (I thought anyway). If you are interested in taking a look, let me know.

Am curious to hear more about this project of yours. Any screenies available?

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i'm shying away from posting anything, including screens, until i am further along.
you can find a couple of very early screens in the dark resolution 2008 project thread since the map i planned on releasing in that project is now 2 maps in this project.

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