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Curse of the Golden Flower is a steaming pile of horseshit

Do ma nhieu?  

11 members have voted

  1. 1. Do ma nhieu?

    • This movie gave me mental diarhea.
    • Pussy fu please
    • Dramatic equivalent of goatse
    • This movie rocked me gently into a coma!
    • Grandmaster Dosei-sei-teki-jitsu Yo!

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Maybe the medicine is what's making you sick you stupid mannish-looking bitch! Well maybe at least it keeps you from screwing your stepson so much! Fuck stupid imbred royalty! Anyone familiar with the origin of state?

This is a kung fu movie that's so full of itself that it doesn't need kung fu. After about 30 minutes I just had to turn it off. The second five minutes were the same as first, as were the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and probably so on. The only good thing is that I didn't have to see any wirefu (although I'm sure there's some later) but I did see some really lame Power Rangerish sparring. I can't stand foreignish movies saturated with western style suck. Which reminds me, the massive CGI standing army looked like fake shit, as did all the golden flowers. It just looked like shit on a huge screen TV. Maybe it's clearer in HD but it's probably even more obviously fake looking then.

I'm glad I didn't pay anything to see this crap, or else I'd have to start throwing people by their eye sockets.

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IIRC, my friend who watches martial arts flicks saw this and had a similar opinion (though a more subdued reaction).

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Try watching "Seven Swords". To the end. Straight. Without sleeping.

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Argh!! Red Belt is the American Produced equivalent of this dramatic goatse except about Brazilian Jiujitsu (which David Edelstein of New York Magazine happens to find arousing)! I wasted 99 minutes watching this trash. It starts alright, then there are absolutely no more fights until the very end of the movie and then they keep cutting away showing dumb people's reactions. The end also got entirely stupid and illogical. At least Tim Allen got punched and a cop offed himself but unfortunately it was only one punch that didn't mess him up much and the cop was actually honorable. This movie should have been condensed into a 30 minute TV show and should have had an ending that made sense to be half decent.

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