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Doom 64 - classic Doom style, and vice versa?

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Would it be possible to convert the levels of "Doom 64" to fit the format of, say, "Doom 2"? I think it would be cool to see them with the original Doom graphics.

Also, has anyone redone the original "Doom" with 64-styled textures? (I know there's a sound/enemy pack, but the wall textures and sky textures would be interesting to see in Doom 1.)

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There's already a version of DOOM 64 first map with DOOM 2 textures, it's very well done.
More than the maps I'd be interested to see the whole DOOM 2 bestiary converted in the DOOM 64 theme, and specially the Motherdemon reinterpreted in classic DOOM style. That's one of my biggest DOOM wishes that I hope to see some day. I tried to do it myself but I only managed to reinterpret the head and arms, and even them looked kinda poor.

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I'd Actually like to see the baddies that were left out of doom 64(Arch Vile,Spider Mastermind,Chaingunner)constructed the way they would have looked if they weren't left out.

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