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$SOLID$ Necro

Phantasm TC Mod (1970's "Cult" movie classic!)

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I did a search of the forums, and did not find any mention of this...

For those of us who caught the movie, you will realy enjoy this single player mod.

It's alot tougher then I thought it would be...especially towards the end, and will be very hard if you are not familiar with the movie.

You will get a chance to battle with the "Tall Man" and even get a ride in the classic Hemi Cuda!

Killing those Silver "Ball" dealio's are tricky at first, as they are very small and fast, just relax and time your shots carefully when they are close up, or if you can get them from behind or the side before they see you at midrange is even better...the shotgun will be your best friend!


Phantasm movie site:

PS..in case you also missed the "Shamblers Castle" TC Mod somehow, fellow Quake 1 fans will love it!


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I played that awhile ago, apprently he (Bladeghost I believe his name is) updated it not too long ago with a new version #. Havn't tried that one but the original was pretty solid as a movie-to-map coversion.

I'm more excited by the 13 Ghosts mod he's working on. The map screens and models look awsome.

Still, Phantasm is one of the best bad movies :D

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Scuba Steve said:

The Doom 3 engine would be better suited for a Daredevil TC.

I would so love to score something like that.

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Scuba Steve said:

The Doom 3 engine would be better suited for a Daredevil TC.

Haw he haw he haw!

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The 17 ghosts looks intresting, but I hope you plan on using some custom monsters, leaving the stock Doom 3 ones would be kinda lame.

Phantasm Beyond...the trailer is certainly just a teaser! I am looking forward to playing it, I realy enjoyed the first one.

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