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chocolate doom

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after figuring out acs, i'm trying to see what i can do visually within the limits of doom2.exe. i didn't get very far before i received this error message when trying to run it in chocolate doom.

W_CacheLumpNum: 16032933 > = numlumps"

double checked my resource wad and map and nothing seems wrong.

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Mordeth said back in 2001:
You have inserted flats and/or sprites in your wad. When you use the vanilla Doom2 engine you'll need to insert all other flats/sprites, too. For this you can use eg. deusf, available in our 'utilities' section. More information in the docs.

If you want to use a port to run your wad, make sure you have inserted your flats and/or sprites between the appropriate entry markers. See the documentation of your source port for more information.

Some tips on inserting extra flats/sprites in your wad for vanilla Doom can be found at Doomworld's Editing Tutorials.

Hope this helps,

Found this when I googled "W_CacheLumpNum" and it looks like it should solve your problem.

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Use the -merge command instead of the -file command. This will make Chocolate Doom emulate using DeuSF merging the iwad resources into your wad (emulated in memory; it doesn't actually alter your wad), which was needed to add new resources in vanilla.

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