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SWSKIN inspired paintings

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I did these as replacement texture for the Doom hi res replacement thing. I don't know if they're going to use them as I was told they didn't look enough like the originals. So I wanted to post these here as I have no plans of using them for any maps or anything.

They are remakes of the SWSKIN switch texture. I'm working on a remake of the ZZZFACE textures right now.

Also, I didn't create the background, it was given to me by someone on the forums.

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Ok I don't want anyone to compare this to the original please. As in don't say this or that needs to be changed to match the original. The original was used as a reference and I wasn't trying to match it exactly. This is my personal interpretation of the concept. Thanks.

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I think they look freakin' awesome. They look much more fiendish and fleshy than the original did. Using these in a map would make the room feel very forboding. A very nice horror-themed texture.

*thumbs up* =)

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peoplethought said:

They aren't supposed to be teeth. They're supposed to be kind of lumpy looking. I might have to redo them.

No, don't do that. The teeth are my favorite aspect of this design. IMO, I think the teeth make it look more fiendish and are therefore one of the main things that make the texture seem so cruel and evil. I think it's perfect the way it is.

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This one will be done in a couple days:

Will take longer since I'm painting both sides separately. The first painting I just did half and mirrored it.

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