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zDoom: Monster pathfinding

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Is there any way to customise the pathfinding used by monsters via scripting or will I have to modify the source code (basically a no-go for me)?

I want to limit monsters ability to wander i.e. an imp won't move around when it is unable to get to the player - it gets as close as it can and stops...

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You can't customize the AI except by directly scripting them to do something, such as follow a patrol route, or "hating" a thing on the map.

I don't understand your second sentence because it's contradictory and I don't know which you want to do. Do you want an imp to move or NOT move around when unable to reach the player?

Either way, I'm not sure how well you could do this with scripting, in fact I think it's a lost cause. Just FYI, you can find info about scripting on the zdoom wiki:


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Yeah, I fumbled the sentence.

I didn't think scripting would be able to do it, but figured I would confirm it first.

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