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Doom64 EX - SDL/Open GL version (Also seeking programming help)

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For the past two weeks or so, I've been slapping together a SDL/OpenGL port of Doom64EX. Just about all of the windows components are removed and all of directx stuff are stripped. This build is not a official build and a lot of things are still disabled or broken.

Download link:

This includes just the binaries and source code. Make sure you use the iwad from version 1.1c that was posted here: click me

A few issues and notes:

* No music / usf playback. I am still struggling to find a way to have SDL_Mixer properly handle this. Its becoming a pain to work with.
* No end level wipe effects
* Joystick support is disabled
* Splitscreen / co-op is somewhat broken. I haven't tested it yet, but the splitscreen viewport stuff should be working I think.
* Savegames have not been tested, but should still work

Also I am seeking a group of collaborators to assist me with this project. So if anyone who has the same obsession with Doom64 like I do, and have experience with the Doom engine please give me an email or pm.

I am currently seeking the following:

* Linux testers / coders (everything is currently setup for linux (SDL, opengl etc) but may need some specific tweaks and whatnot to fully function properly on linux/mac machines.
* Networking (D64EX will be using the SDL_Net library and most of Chocolate Doom's networking system, but need the assistance on implementing everything).
* Assembly/Mips RI300 coders. Okay this may be stretching it a bit, but whatever. I am also looking for those who are familiar with assembly. The only major element that I am seeking help with is to figure out the method used to decompress the texture and level lumps in the rom. I know Danj is currently helping me with reverse engineering this, but it wouldn't hurt to have maybe one more person to help out.

Also if there is any flaws, or anything in the source code that needs optimizations, please feel free to notify me about those as well. I appriciate for the community's interest in Doom64 and for the D64EX project.


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