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Need help with "The Crusher"

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Playing freedoom with eternity engine and stuck on level 6 "The Crusher". I've cleared the level of all enemies and flipped all the switches I can get to. But there are two switches that are elevated and I can't get to them. One is in the farthest room and another in room up the stairs from the moat area. I've turned off clipping and ran around the whole map trying to find something to help me get out of this level, but can't do it. Wondering if there may be a bug or something I haven't discovered. Any help would be appreciated.

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Sounds like a bug.

I´ve never had that problem, as you can flick those switches from below in (g)zdoom.

As i remember it, a wall lowers in a room to the left from your starting point (where the revenant is coming from, when the fun begins), the exit is in that room, at the end of the bridge you´ll see from in there...

Good luck or try using a different engine.

edit(h): you could also try typing "fly" in the console and soar up there and see if the switches are "flickable".

edit2: Just played through the level with no problems exiting. Used the gzdoom-engine, though.

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DooMikE said:

I´ve never had that problem, as you can flick those switches from below in (g)zdoom.

This is how any Doom engine works, including vanilla. The only switches with height-checking are 3dmidtex in Eternity or ZDoom, and there's none of that in Freedoom.

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