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3D Mode crashing with error; automatically exits

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I tried searching for an answer to this first but apparently "3D" is too short a term, so it refused to let me. Anyhow, the problem is this: I can use 3D mode by itself just fine. However, when I press 'T' to enable Things in 3D mode, I get an error and the editor automatically exits.

Here's a screenshot of the error message: click me.

Any idea what's wrong and/or how to fix this?

If it's any help, here's my specs:

nVidia GeForce 9600GT w/512mb
Intel Core2 Duo E6750 @ 2.67ghz
Windows XP SP3
2GB system RAM


I've resolved the problem. For some reason, if you use the default shortcut keys with 'T' for Edit mode and 3D mode, you will get this crash/error. If you set 3D mode up as 'Ctrl+Shift+T' and leave Edit mode as 'T', the crash/error stops occurring.

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That was fast.

The only error I ever get with 3D mode is that, every so often, trying to replace a texture with a graphic that I haven't used yet on the map causes the program to crash. I don't know what causes it and it's really inconsistent.

Also, my nodebuilder won't let me do 3D bridges.

I just thought I'd take this opportunity to bring up my woes.

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