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Entrapment demo?

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For something unusual I guess, my only goal was not getting hit once not counting lava/acid (but I failed and got hit once by an imp). 13:40ish

I guess for speedruns I prefer levels with more infighting opportunities, otherwise its just pretty straightforward and accuracy (only 1 shot per imp/etc) is what matters most for time.


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I just recorded one now, actually. Took me a lot longer than it should have, but it's the type of map that makes you feel you can get away with running in all guns blazing, then smacks you down, courtesy of some shotgunner hiding in a corner. Had a lot of fun recording this one.
The map looks ideal for tyson demos, and pacifist might be possible (a few nasty areas).

Time is 6:52 by the way. It was a fairly casual run, so I expect there's a lot of room for improvement (you could try going for the SSG early for example).

gggmork, I liked your demo a lot. I feel you were pretty unfortunate with the imp/hellknight trap.

EDIT: I've been attempting to do this map on pacifist, and it looks to be more or less impossible :( . So I tried a speedrun, but that proved quite difficult as well. Guess I'll give it another shot tomorrow.


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That was quite fast and efficient with ammo. I think 'linearly killing everything in the way' is the fastest way for this map (ssg early probably wouldn't help because of the backtracking for stragglers and it has a slower fire rate anyway). Yeah that imp ledge alone makes pacifist realistically impossible (can't indirectly attack them with barrels either). I tried tyson and died lots but almost beat it (I read tyson also allows pistol); might try again later (I think it would have been 16ish but I forget).

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I remember this WAD, just beynd Doom compatibility due to a potential VPO in one place (I think it was tested with Doom95). Nice demos, especially the sub-6 minute max.

Hitherto's text file said
PWAD - entrapment.wad (renamed for compatibility to ENTRAP.WAD)

You can also use DOS's short names, which would be entrap~1.wad for this WAD unless perhaps if there's another WAD starting with "entrap".

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