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Question about ZDL3

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Do forgive me for asking a tiring question, but i just need to know.

Recently, ZDL3 was removed from my computer because it turned out to be corrupted, so i've been looking around for a new copy, i found it on Bio's website, but when i click the download link, it says that the website is blocked.

It's only just come to my attention, so i need to know, has this block been up for a while? If so, can ZDL3 be obtained anywhere else?
(I need ZDL3 to run my the Heretic map i'm working on, as well as playing other Doom mods)

Thank you.

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Yes, and it's to ZDL 3.1 which is a modification by Risen to fix a few bugs and add a couple of features (eg adding pk3 to the file filter).

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