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Light rendering on Vanilla Doom

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Probably a question that has been covered elsewhere.

East/west facing linedefs always appear brighter than north/south facing linedefs when playing Doom. Even linedefs that are only a little off true north/south are noticeably brighter.

Can anyone explain why this is, or point me to somewhere that does?

Thanks people.

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That effect exists to add a little bit of extra contrast to walls of different angles for the sake of adding a better sense of depth. Some enhanced source ports allow you to turn that feature off on a map-by-map basis if you'd like. :P

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Thanks Spork.

A feature huh? I had always assumed that it was just a quirk in the engine itself, an unintentional thing.

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It's a carryover from Wolfenstein's style. As there, the east-west, north-south and else walls each have different light levels. Note that in Doom the north-south walls are brighter than the east-west (and the slanted ones are in between). Wolfenstein has them the other way around.

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