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Detail texturing and sloped 3d floors - how to do?

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Did you mean as a tutorial, or just a good example of 3D floors etc?

KDiZD is worth a look, if you haven't already.

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KDIZD doesn't have any 3d floors.

As for detail texturing. I don't know if he's asking for detail textures as in applied tiled bumpmaps to give close look extra detail to otherwise lower resolutioned textures. Or if he's referring to the procedure of detailing your level with textures.

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About detail and texturing, there's the High Detail Guide on http://www.realm667.com; texturing is about yourself...you gotta learn how to use textures properly to fit the ambient that you want. There's not a tutorial to teach how to texture. About sloped 3D-floors, i guess you're referring to GZDoom, so i can help you here.

The method to do sloped 3d-floors is the same as 3d floors; control sectors and tagging. But you have to slope the control sector to affect the tagged sector in the map. And the most important thing is that the control sector and the tagged map sector have to be "aligned".
I mean, they gotta have the same angle;
Well, to clarify everything, you can look at this example wad i've posted:


This example wad shows how it's set up. You can see how i put the slope in the control sector, and how the sectors are "aligned". If you're good enough, you can see what i mean...=P

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Thanks for the replies, obviously Im not so bad. What I meant was detailtexturing as a second layer over the first texture, that is a graphical effect to fake that the textures are higher res than they are

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