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Need help looking for custom doom level

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Hi, i dont post here much at all.. but i figured you guys would be the one to help me on this.

I was browsing youtube vidoes, watching random doom related stuff when i found a video of some person playing a custom doom level. It had the following

-terminator 2 midi theme song
-level started off pretty easy, then things got incredibly hard with monsters teleporting into a room with some pillars, invuanerability was used (yeah thats not a very helpful detail im assuming alot of levels are like this)
-no new weapons or sounds as far as i can tell
-IMPORTANT DETAIL: there was a secret the player accessed which allowed him/her to teleport around the map atleast 10-15 time and telefrag a few cyberdemons in the process, it was really cool! In a few instances he had to pick up the invuanerability spheres to survive the telefragging proccess
-There was a point where the player had to face several cyberdemons locked in a cooridor
-I dont know if it was just a single level or a level pack, but the level the user was playing contained no BFG

I tried looking here
cross checking doom level wads with 'terminator' but didnt find any thing that matched the description of what i saw. Youtube searches revealed nothing, internet browser history search didnt turn up anything.

Any suggestions would be great, thanks.

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Do you remember the URL to the youtube? If so, someone else can watch it and tell you what it is if they recognize it, though I'm sure that it's Dues Vult based on your description. The map was divided into four smaller maps, and the first map fits this description perfectly.

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like i said, i went through my browsing history and couldnt find the youtube link.. if i did i probably would have been able to find out the name of the wad

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