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Hexen Wads?

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Can anybody recommend any Hexen wads? Preferably "megawads", rather. Things that span out for more than a map or two.

Is Deathkings of the Dark Citadel the only one? :/

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Have you checked here? As for megawads, you probably won't find any :(. There are however, multi-map Hexen wads, and I seem to recall a pretty good one by LilWhiteMouse, but I can't find it in the archives.

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There was a list of Hexen hubs that I posted years ago, can't remember where exactly. The only newer one I know of that hasn't been mentioned yet is Ichor's Fury series (2 hubs, 3rd one under development). I'm building a megawad, but it's taking forever given that I don't get much time to map these days...

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rf` said:

Where the hell is Ichor with CG3?

I'd be more than happy if he released the source to his CG2 engine modification so that I won't need an old custom EXE to run it.

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The Ultimate DooMer said:

There was a list of Hexen hubs that I posted years ago, can't remember where exactly.

Here, I suppose:
Ichor gave a good list in that thread too.

There's also this thread:

Regarding the last post in that thread, Joel Murdoch's reviews can still be found thanks to the Internet Archive:
The file downloads are not archived though, so you'll need to get those from the standard idgames archive (which does now include Starship, contrary to what was stated in Joel's review).

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I have my old, one-level RiverWood willage released back in 2004, although I HAVE been working on this GZdoom-specific levelset as well. It features slopes, trees, new critters (there will be modified bestiary and unshown ones that will be COMPELTELY new) and will have 4 firing modes for each weapon - primary, secondary, primary-tome and sec-tome.

I haven't done anything in the last 3 weeks for this because I've been focused on FINALLY getting that *DOOM3* HeXen: Edge of Chaos mod completed when I'm not at school, work, gym or dancing @ the club (lol).

Only one weapon is 'done' - the Dark Wand. It has your normal firing mode, a secondary fire that fires 3 fast round followed by a longer pause, a tomed-up attack with JUST fast rounds, and a secondary tome that's like a powered-up DragonClaw. There will be 4 classes; the Dark Mage, who wears a black robe and his final weapon is retooled as the SHADOWSTAFF, the berserker, the cleric and the Ranger. The final class is corvus-like (those HeXen sized Corvus sprites somebody made would be useful here) and will have weapons such as a short sword, bow, grenades and Iron DooM spell.







It'll take awhile to make new animations for new bad guys, but there are some special creatures planned. I'll only give away this Ogre-centaur, who was maces for arms and was inspired by Diablo 3's 'Siege-Breaker' boss:

Otherwise, I'd prefer not to talk about this project until it's near-done, as with the other mods. ;)

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