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Today: Creaphis makes a joke about how far off-topic the thread went, but it is not understood as such.

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kristus said:

Half Life 2, I did play through really liked the War of the worlds inspiration. But I didn't find it awesome anywhere really. It was good, but not more. I've not played the other stuff, like the episodes or blue shift or opposing forces.

Play through to Half-Life2:Episode Two. IMO it's the only one of the HL2 series that truly is AWESOME. It finally gets the right epic tone down.

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Belial said:


I remember developing a system for going through all the tumbler combinations in case I couldn't figure the riddle out.

I still have Antara installed, though I can't even remember when was the last time I've played it.

I have the Antara CD's somewhere, but even on my old ME computer the game ran entirely too fast. Even at the slowest walking speed I would press the up arrow and I would shoot a quarter of a mile down the road, so I never completed it. Then again, Krondor didn't run at all since it needed EMS, which seemed to die out like the white buffalo. I need to find another Tandy 386 running windows 3.0 so I can replay these games. Off the topic, I'm still amazed that a Tandy 386 cost almost $3000 back then, and a 4mb memory stick was $200. And people complain about computer upgrades being expensive now.

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Yeah the movement speed was the reason why I gave up on Antara. Had enough of tapping the keys dozens of times just to get some mound of dirt to appear in my view and close enough to dig up whatever's under it.

Krondor should run perfectly in DosBox though. Probably with less of a hassle than getting enough base memory free for the sound effects to work back on my old comp was.

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