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Adding Sprites

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For a private mini-mod I was making to help me get the feel of modding, I was to add the pistol from Action Doom 1 and use it for the default pistol, but, XWE refuses to cooperate. I added the sprites (using the load command), I changed the type to the appropriate (31), yet it wont show up in ZDoom, I just get the same old boring texture (FYI: I am using the same texture names Doom uses for it's pistols "PISG (X)".

Thanks in advance,

PS: Sorry about asking so many questions, I worked for over an hour on this but have yet to find any end to my problem. I even consulted my friend from another website, who was puzzled by my problem because I appearently did everything right.

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Steeveeo said:

Im guessing, by that responce, that it worked?

Yes, sorry that was an inside joke from another site I visited...I forgot not everyone goes there (No it's not 4chan, I don't go to internet hell).

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