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Andy Olivera

Demo Version Compatibility in Ports

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Hi all, I'm trying to put together a package of all the different port versions needed to play back the demos from the DSDA. Below is a list of all the different versions used throughout the ages. I've omitted DooM/Boom/MBF/PRBoom because the latest version of PRBoom+ should be able to play all of them. I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me which of them are necessary and which are expendable. And if you'd like to eMail or post the relevant versions, I'd appreciate that, too, as I imagine most of these have largely vanished from the 'net. Thanks! :-)



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All of the old EE versions are up SOMEWHERE on Mancunet, but since I'm at work and I have yet again forgotten my FTP password, I cannot currently find the directory to give you a link toward. Sorry.

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Okay, I managed to find most of them, but a few remain(edited the above list). I have the source for zDooM v1.23b20, which will be good enough if no one else has it.

Several of these were actually on the old DSDA 3ddownloads site, including Eternity(it was hacked to record v1.9 demos).

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Andy Olivera said:


Was that just an internal name for 2.0.63a? I'd try that and see if it works.

There are also a very small number that don't work with current prboom-plus due to problematic issues:
* art4-543.lmp requires MBF or WinMBF. (If you can figure out the compatibility issue that is causing this problem, then you will win an internet.)
* There are also a very small number that require the vanilla exe due to map errors that cause a crash if not fixed or a desync if fixed.
* There are a few v1.2 demos.

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There should be at least one of another version, 1.4 if I recall correctly, of Return to Phobos.

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